Increased Milk Production

The aim of utilizing lighting to improve milk production is to provide an extended period of light. This can be achieved by providing cows with an intense light period and dark period.
Although this not a new concept, it is seeing renewed interest as farmers look at alternative ways of increasing production and improving overall efficiency.
It has been proven that a consistent light level and a constant distribution in keeping with a time-related schedule, substantially increases the milk production of each individual animal.
Research has shown that 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness will improve production in milking cows in some cases up to 15%.

Improving lighting in livestock buildings is simple and although it requires certain level of investment, payback periods are relatively short and additional costs can be recouped due to the increased energy of the new lighting system.

IWEC Electrical’s newly designed LED lighting system can dramatically reduce operational costs and improve milk production.

IWEC LED lighting can offer better quality lighting and reduce energy consumption up to 70% compared to traditional fittings.

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