energy-efficiencyIWEC Energy efficiency survey

Many thousands of pounds are lost in organisations and businesses through wasted energy. IWEC Green Energy offers a FREE energy assessment service that will identify areas where business’ can save up to 80% on their electricity bills.

IWEC Green Energy Design, install and deliver energy solutions to reduce energy costs.

Our services comprises of

High efficiency Fluorescents and LED Lighting

How we work

  1. Arrange a convenient day and time for a site visit.
  2. Carry out a lighting assessment.
  3. Undertake a desktop assessment.
  4. Calculate the findings and produce cost savings and pay back calculations.
  5. Arrange a convenient time to demonstrate calculations and costs.

 IWEC Green Energy

Our document will detail the following

  • Company name / location
  • Existing lighting output
  • Proposed lighting output
  • Payback calculation
  • Materials specification
  • Quotation

To book an assessment please contact us on 01554 707070