Job location: LLansteffan, Carmarthenshire.

Due to the property having an existing solar thermal system on the roof, our Solar PV system had to be ground mounted.

The system was mounted using Renusol Console and placed on compacted stone.

The system was designed using our Canadian Solar CS6p – 250W/255p.

Inverter SolaX Power SL – TL3600TS

The installation was completed in 3 days including the civil work which consisted of clearing the area, laying compacted stone and the placing and filling of the Renusol Mounting buckets.

The mounting of the panels and Electrical Installation and commissioning of the system was carried out within one day.

Our customer will be generating electricity from the 24th of March 2015.

First One

– Hefin Williams assessing the land

Second One

Land where the PV system was to be mounted and stones to fill mounting buckets


Installation nearly complete.

Last One

Completed ground mounted Solar PV System.