To whom it may concern at IWEC International.

I feel duty bound to write to you about two of your employees, Allan  and *apprentice*, who have been working on our property for the past week.

Both my husband and myself have been very impressed with their conduct whilst in our home. They have been kind, respectful, have gone to great lengths to explain everything (in my case more than once!!) and have shown a cheerful attitude throughout.

Sitting on the side-lines one notices most things that go on. We have seen Allan mentor and tutor *apprentice* with humour and encouragement whilst keeping a watchful eye on his work.

We have seen *apprentice* respond to the instructions given with an enthusiastic willingness to learn and an efficient and mature attitude towards his work.

Both have exhibited an exemplary work ethic during their time here in spite of occasional hindrances. We would not hesitate to have them back into our home.

It would please us if you would convey our sincere gratitude to them both for their hard work on our behalf.